–          Never burn a candle out of your sight
–          Candles must never burn near anything flammable
–          Keep candles away from draughts of air
–          Keep children and pets out of reach of your candles
–          Before burning a candle, trim candlewicks to 5 mm
–          To avoid “tunnelling”, allow the candle to melt right to the edge
–          Candles should be placed on heat resistance surfaces
–          For a better experience, candles should not burn longer than 4 hours
–          When the wax is liquid, you should never touch or move a burning candle or a candle container.
–          Do not use a candle as night light
–          Do not remove the warning sticker from the base of the candle container
–          Ensure candles are lit until wax melts to the edge of the jar to avoid candle ‘tunnelling’.
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–         Classic candles burn aournd 38 hours aprox
–        Soy wax is easy to clean
–        You may wash them with warm water and soap
–        You may find more ideas to reuse the jars in our Instagram account